Areas of intervention

We operate mainly in the field of mechanics and industrial electricity. We support our partners in our area of expertise with quality products and services such as:

  • industrial maintenance on KRONES equipment;
  • maintenance of automated systems;
  • Installation of agro-food production equipment;
  • training on all types of KRONES machines;
  • The audit of your production systems and your machines.

Because your production does not wait, we offer a range of services on site or in workshops.
We have the substantial means to ensure any type of intervention.

In the field of industrial maintenance, we offer three (3) basic services:

  1. Preventive and curative maintenance of your equipment (individual machine or complete line)
  2. Installation of machines (individual and/or installation of complete lines);
  3. One-off or on-demand maintenance.

As a KRONES Belgian partner firm, we provide you with quality training in industrial mechanical maintenance on all types of KRONES machines;

We carry out audits in the field of industrial maintenance and in the electrical and automation field. We carry out complete audits of lines or individual machines.