We provide industrial mechanical maintenance training on KRONES equipment; We have training plans by module and by practical session.
We train at three fundamental levels:

  1. Training on specific KRONES machines;
  2. Operator training;
  3. Automation and electrical training;

Training on specific KRONES machines

As a KRONES Belgium partner firm, we provide you with quality training on all types of KRONES machines; namely, the: 

  • Hot glue cold glue labeling machine: 
  • Lifting labeling machine :
  • Filling machine (can, bottle, PET):
  • bottle inspector machine (full and empty):
  • Rack and bottle inspector machine; 
  • Bottle washing machines;
  • Packing machine and unpacking machines;
  • Palletizers machines and depalletizers machines; 
  • Conveyors machines (bottles, pallets and racks);
  • blowing machine; 
  • Bundlers machine (for packs).

Operator training (by module and practical session) 

To allow you to have a qualified and efficient team in the handling of your machines, we offer you a range of training for your operators. 

We provide the following training : 

  • For mastery of panel handling;
  • For changes in format;
  • good practices and basic settings in order to have a good knowledge to master the proper functioning of a machine.

Automation and electrical training; 

We have qualified trainers in the field of electricity and automation. We provide training on the various automation systems and/or programs used specifically at KRONES..