We provide industrial mechanical maintenance training on KRONES equipment; We have training plans by module and by practical session.
We train at three fundamental levels:

  1. Training on specific KRONES machines;
  2. Operator training;
  3. Automation and electrical training;

Training on specific KRONES machines

As a KRONES Belgium partner firm, we provide you with quality training on all types of KRONES machines; namely, the: 

Industrial maintenance

In the field of industrial maintenance, we offer three (3) basic services: 

  1. Preventive and curative maintenance of your equipment (individual machine or complete line)  
  2. The installation of machines (individual and or the installation of complete lines);
  3. Occasional or on-demand maintenance.

Preventive or curative maintenance 

We do industrial mechanical maintenance on KRONES equipment. We do:

Audits and Project management


We carry out audits in the field of industrial maintenance and in the electrical and automation field. We carry out complete audits of lines or individual machines to:

  • Define production weak points and propose solutions to increase yield.
  • List the parts to renew.

Project management

SARETECH assists companies and institutions in the development of their ideas by offering them all the services and expertise necessary for the realization of their projects.


Digitalization: a new level of efficiency

You are sure to have often asked yourself: how could digital technology change my production process? Krones has the answer: It reduces the workload for you and your team, structures processes more simply and efficiently and ultimately helps you to not only save time and resources, but also to fundamentally improve your Total Cost of Ownership…